ADEPP is a tool for "Analysis & Dynamic Evaluation of Project Processes".

The core product of ADEPP Academy is a unique, sophisticated suite of Integrated Dynamic Simulation and Risk-Management software known as ADEPP™ (acronym for Analysis and Dynamic Evaluation of Project Processes).

ADEPP HSE Toolkit combines process dynamic simulation with process risk based safety models to cover all the protection layers from the basic control loops, critical alarms, Primary protection i.e. safety instrumented systems (SIS), Secondary protection measures such pressure relief valves, Emergency Safety systems including fire and gas detection system, emergency shutdown system, emergency depressurisation, active and passive fire protection and lifesaving systems.

Safety Critical Systems are identified by quantitative Bow-Tie method which combines the event tree and fault trees of safety systems. New version of ADEPP HSE Toolkit is web based as can be used wherever, whenever you want.

ADEPP monitor is designed to relate the different HSEMS requirements including performance standards to relevant activities and tasks. Several products are derived from ADEPP to suit particular needs. Products that address specific technical applications are currently: ADEPP HSE Case, ADEPP Maintenance Manuals, ADEPP Process Data Audit, and a series of online ADEPP monitors for HAZOP, HAZID, SIL, HSEMS, BOW-TIE, Performance Standards and other project HSE studies.

ADEPP provides a new generation of training, operations and workflow management tools to capture and transfer knowledge while empowering personnel with real time process and procedural support. Many employees are in the field or in control rooms. Management teams are responsible for running mission-critical processes across multi-billion dollar businesses with the most important goals in mind-operate them safely and profitably. Empowering these employees with tools and "know-how" are vitally important to enable them to make better decisions faster while simultaneously following the company’s procedural best practices. ADEPP accelerates and sustains process improvements that make operations more safe, reliable and efficient. When the right Workforce Enablement technologies are in place, they support and enforce situational awareness and proactive behaviours which help deliver a superior safety culture. Customers may increase and sustain their profitability by applying ADEPP to manage their assets in many ways. For example:

ADEPP Application Which means:
Train or retrain technicians in proper, safe operation of complex equipment; More efficient production.
Troubleshoot during process operations; Cost savings, less downtime, less maintenance.
Reduce the probability and scale of accidents; Fewer and smaller incidents, cheaper insurance.
Demonstrate compliance with regulations; Rapid licensing, earlier production, and better cash flow.
Enable designs to be more efficient and cost-effective; Faster design, lower indemnity charges.
Simplify and speed decisions during procurement, construction, test-runs; Earlier production.