Our HSE goals are:

  • No personal injuries
  • No work related illness
  • No material damage and financial losses
  • No damage or harm to the environment

ADEPP Academy will:

  • Ensure that the Policy is known and understood by all our staff
  • Demonstrate that nothing has higher priority than HSE
  • Create a healthy and stimulating work environment
  • Design solutions that avoid the need for corrective measures
  • Think, plan, observe and evaluate as we proceed
  • Recognise those that proactively contribute to HSE improvement
  • Sufficient competent resources shall be allocated to comply with this policy

Our Quality goal is to surpass our customers' expectations by adding value at every opportunity. We achieve our goal through a company culture of skill and competence within the framework of a Quality Management System that accords with the principles of ISO 9001.

We conduct regular audits and management reviews to ensure compliance with our quality management system and to identify improvements. Our Quality Management System (QMS) defines our approach to the management of all aspects of our work, including the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental aspects.

Fabienne F. Salimi