Employee Engagement

People are the most important asset of any organisation. According to a 2013 research, US employees have been 30% engaged, 52% disengaged and 18% actively disengaged. Disengaged employees cost US alone an estimated $450 billion annually.

87% of the top managers and executives recognise that disengaged employees are among the biggest threat to their business. Engaged employers not only implement the policies and procedures but also encourage empowerment and innovation in their company. Studies shows that only 2% of 44 year olds versus 98% of 5 years old are creative.

ADEPP products and services are designed to engage actively the employees at any level by:

  • 1D, 2D, 3D simulation of the concepts, design and operation
  • Effective instructional design
  • Materialisation of ideas using the rapid prototyping techniques
  • Web based collaborative platform
ADEPP Academy has signed a "Collaboration Agreement" with Sharif University of Technology Kish and "Isfahan Firefighting Centre" and therefore delivers the joint certificate for its training programs.

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge. It refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.

ADEPP Academy supports the businesses and corporates to implement an effective Knowledge Management (KM) using the best available technologies for:

  • Groupware
  • Workflow
  • Content/Document Management
  • Enterprise Portals
  • eLearning
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Telepresence

Web based training can be divided into two main categories:

  • e-courses
  • Distant training
ADEPP integrates the process dynamic simulation and process safety models. Operators can simulate the different cases studies online from wherever, whenever you want.

Web based applications facilitate the training follow up and further collaborative projects.

ADEPP Academy has access to an extensive senior professionals and experts, carefully selected experts coach the group or individual trainees from distant.

We can organise the generic and tailor made seminars, workshops and class based training programs in:

  • Europe cities such as Paris, Deauville, Barcelona, London, Milan
  • International Campus of Sharif University of Technology at free Island of Kish
These courses will be follow up by ADEPP 365 Training site. We can also perform these training programs on the job location upon the request.

ADEPP Academy in collaboration with Isfahan Fire & safety Organization (IFSO) provides the engineering and training services for Active & Passive Fire Protection requirements of industrial buildings, production and storage facilities as well as shopping malls, hospitals, offices, residential, cultural, recreation buildings and areas.

Isfahan Fire & safety Organization (IFSO) provides the site and practical facilities for:

  • Training the Firefighters
  • Training the Emergency Response Team
  • Training leadership of the Fire & Rescue operation
  • Training the special rescue teams in different fields