As a Supplier

As a supplier you should be in a productive interaction with your buyer to:

  • Understand the buyer's perspective
  • Build the trust
  • Align your solutions with the buyers needs
  • Create of a win/win environment
  • Manage the buyers negotiation competitor, price, features and timeline tactics
ADEPP 365 provides you the tools to communicate and engage with your buyer without any pressure through the professional discussion and collaborative projects. The quality of solutions will speak for themselves and differentiate you with respect of the others.

As a Buyer

Even if you are an informed buyer you should deal with a lot of
pressures, concerns, and needs to close a deal. As a buyer you:

  • Are under constant pressure to get the best deal for the solutions offered by competing reps; buyers must get more for less
  • Have a specific purchase process to follow
  • Must be concerned about the solution they choose
  • Have specific needs that must be met
  • Need to make sure your business & personal needs are met
  • Know that the error in supplier selection will end to wrong solution, time and resources will be wasted
ADEPP 365 provides you a platform to plan your procurement, evaluate the suppliers without pressure, ask the expert advice and get advantage of the discounts and promotion at right time. You can buy the auxiliary products and services such as administration, legal, accounting, marketing, web development, design, etc. online.