As an Expert

As an Expert you may encounter the following challenges and obstacles when you are launching your own consulting practice:

  • Getting your first assignment
  • Financial uncertainty
  • Gaps between assignments
  • Timing
  • Lack of control
  • New skills sets are required
  • Developing a resource base for project assignments
  • Developing strategic alliances
  • Developing relationships that lead to business success
Your Expert profile in ADEPP 365 present your full potential. Your portfolio and contribution in collaborative discussions and projects will speak for skills. You can demonstrate your capacities by passing the relevant courses and exams and interacting with peers and like-minded professional in the collaborative discussions and projects. You can be recommended by the other experts and previous employers to new prospects.You will have access to a simple accounting system to manage your timesheets, progress reports and invoices.

You can manage your incomes from the multiple employers and offer your services for answering to punctual needs as short as 1 hour from wherever, whenever you want upon your availability and priorities. Your income can be collected in a PayPal account.

As a Recruiter

As a Recruiter you may encounter numerous issues with acquiring new employees every day. The main challenges are:

  • The need to make a speedy hire
  • Not having enough resources
  • Being unable to find the perfect candidate for a certain position
  • Understanding and using analytics effectively
  • Finding workers who fit the company culture
The ADEPP 365 Platform enable to find the right candidate for staff and/or freelancer for your long term, short term and punctual as short as 1 hour of expertise needs. You can assess the performance and relevance the expertise of the potential candidates not only by their overall CV and certificates but also with the exams and their contribution in the professional projects and discussions of ADEPP 365 site.

You can consult the list of available experts and evaluate the profiles and capabilities and consult your trusted experts on the compatibility of the candidate with the job. You can interview your selected candidates discretely by engaging in the collaborative discussions and projects. The other experts and previous employers can also recommend you the good candidates. Using the Learner and Mentor profile tabs you can also manage the Learning & Development plan of employees.