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3D modelling and printers are progresses very fast. The possibilities are endless. But choosing among so many possibilities can be a real challenge. For a successful educational 3D printing workshop you should:

  • Select of the right 3D model software or open sources
  • Select type and brand of 3D printer and 3D scanners
  • Select the appropriate and cost effective materials
  • Prepare the course, exercise and guideline contents
  • Be trained as trainer or coach
  • Coach step by step the trainees
  • Get help of professional for special parts
  • Collaborate and exchange with like-minded people
  • Maintain your equipment and raw material storage
ADEPP experts work closely with you to understand your project and propose the practical and cost effective solutions to make them happen.

They will follow up you and your project prior, along and post realisation.

3D printing workshops can be designed for a room as small as 3x4 m2. Depending your space and budget our experts will propose you the possible options for:

  1. Fundamentals and amusement with Physics subjects
  2. Fundamentals and amusement with Biology subjects
  3. Fundamentals and amusement with building and construction subjects
  4. Fundamentals and amusement with Art Crafts
  5. Creative and innovative subjects

With the mobile 3D workshops solutions the internal space of a camion or truck is reorganised and architect for the 3D printing workshops. The mobile workshops can be shared between schools, leisure centres, public parks and amusement centres and private parties. With mobile solution more people with affordable cost can benefit the 3D printer workshop facilities and educational programs.