Holistic, Risk Based, Systemic, Optimal Asset Design and Integrity

Several products in form of Toolkits are derived from ADEPP to suit particular needs. Products that address specific technical applications are currently: ADEPP PSM, ADEPP HSE Case, ADEPP Maintenance Manuals, ADEPP Process Data Audit.

ADEPP aims to turn the subjective assessment of the hazardous scenarios and their Consequences, as well as the Criticality test of the Safety related Elements to an objective, well documented, traceable, auditable and user-friendly one.

With a Top-Down approach ADEPP starts from the overall view of the project and go down to the modules, units, equipment and their associated process and protective systems. The main features of ADEPP HSE-Toolkit are:

  • Combined Dynamic Simulation & Consequence Modelling
  • Combined Event Tree & Fault Tree Analysis for determination of Safety Critical Elements
  • Optimal and Interactive Knowledge Management