As a Learner

To enhance effectively your knowledge and boost your career you need to:

  • Assess your actual competency objectively
  • Have an idea about which competency level you wish to achieve
  • Plan for a realistic knowledge improvement road map
  • Consult the career and technical professionals to refine your plan
  • Find the appropriate training programs
  • Find the good mentors to accompany you in your learning plan
  • Interact with the other learners, professionals, experts and mentors
  • Contribute in collaborative projects
Your Learner profile in ADEPP 365 platform is designed to perform competency self-assessment, define your learning plan and achieve the competency level that you wish through interactive training programs. You can pass the exams and obtain the certificates without courses. You can contribute in the courses and projects communities to refine your knowledge and exchange the ideas with other trainees and experts. You can propose the creative and innovative projects and work on them with an international team.

As a Mentor

To transfer your knowledge effectively to the trainees worldwide you need to:

  • Have access to the tools to make your courses
  • Have access to training professionals to make your contents more effective
  • Have access to the web design, sound and image professionals to make your courses more pleasant and communicative
  • Provide the collaborative homework, exams and pre and post training projects
  • Mange your classes, exams and certificates
  • You need a reliable platform to manage your courses marketing and realisation plans effectively
  • Sell your training programs online and keep record of them

Your Mentor profile in ADEPP 365 platform is designed to create and manage your training programs in form of e-courses, distant training, on the job training and class based training programs. Your trainees and the experts in the site can recommend you and your courses to the peers and other trainees. You can manage the communities for each of your training programs.